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Vertical Navigator Series
GeoComfort® Navigator® Series geothermal systems are expertly designed to be technologically advanced, exceptionally efficient and uniquely crafted. The result is a heating and cooling system as beautiful as it is functional. These units offer all of the reliability and comfort you've come to expect from GeoComfort systems with the visual appeal and added benefits that are truly groundbreaking.
Programmable Thermostat
Electrostatic filter (washable)
Climate Control LLC Heating & Cooling GeoThermal Products
GeoComfort units are Made in
America with the highest standards of quality. Our commitment to continuous improvement and quality control has made reliability one of the GeoComfort brand's greatest assets. No other geothermal manufacturer has quality testing as extensive. In fact, each and every GeoComfort unit undergoes rigorous testing before it is packaged for shipping.

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Keep your home more comfortable by operating the unit on a set schedule and temperature range. This also saves on energy costs by setting the unit back while the home is unoccupied. 
This type of filter is a permanent media filter that can be washed from time to time as needed. This eliminates the need to buy new filters. 
EWC Zone Control
Whole House Humidifier
These highly sophisticated controls work with dampers in the ductwork to create multiple zones throughout the house. You can utilize one unit, but have different temperatures in each zone. The control panel controls both the unit, and the zone dampers. 
Available Accessories
​GeneralAire® Whole House Humidifiers incorporate fan-powered and flow through technologies to provide humidification to your home. Water-soaked vapor pads provide important moisture to your home.  
High quality and 100% customer satisfaction are our top priorities.
Our specialized component selection and advanced design gives GeoComfort systems a competitive advantage. Unit for unit, GeoComfort systems have higher heating capacities than our competitors. That means less reliance on supplemental heat and ultimately lower heating costs when compared with other geothermal brands.

In addition to the highest heating capacities, GeoComfort also boasts the best heating efficiencies. With an average of 4.62 across the product line, and a staggering 4.8 COP (Navigator Series GYT036) that has raised the bar within the geothermal heat pump industry.

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GeoComfort systems produce FREE hot water with desuperheater (standard).
"We Drill Our own Wells"